Dept. Fundraiser $ 10,000.00

- 10/5/2018

Here we go........ drum roll please.........

Leon Johnson $400.00 Phil Patterson Seller
 Garry Goff & Barry Wickman $250.00
 Billy Stancroff $200.00 Billy Stancroff Seller
 Bob "Box Maker"Williams $200.00 Joe Tebor Seller
 Dan Verville $200.00 Jim Klotz Seller
 Aux 2144 $250.00 Vern Blaukamp Seller
 Russell Makowski $200.00
 Pots 6864 $200.00 Billy Stancroff Seller
 District 10 $200.00 District 10 Seller
 Joe Tebor $250.00 Joe Tebor Seller
 Post 3901 $200.00 Don Callaway Seller
 Post 2233 $250.00 Ben LIght Seller
 Steve & Linda Olsen $400.00 Steve Olsen Seller
 District 5 $599.00 Disrtict 5 Seller
 Diane Ward $10,000.00 Aux 3243 Seller

Thank you again Dept of MI VFW and Aux.

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U.P. Honor Flight Fundraiser

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, the Post held its 2nd Annual U.P. Honor Flight Fundraiser Dinner.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Our annual Post Volunteer Appreciation Dinner is scheduled for December 9, 2017.

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Dept. Fundraiser $ 10,000.00

Announcement......Announcement The results are in from the Dept. Raffle!! Congraulations to all the winners and THANK YOU to everyone out there that supported the Dept. of MI VFW with our Dept. Fundraiser. We couldn't have do this with out each and every one of you! Are you ready to see who won???



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